Minimum Wage And The Civil Rights

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Minimum Wage
Civil rights are meant to ensure people’s physical and mental integrity, safety and life. Civil rights are not meant to be separated between race, gender, nationality, origin, color, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, or disabilities.Civil rights also include the individual rights that include protection of speech and religion. Minimum wage is considered a civil right because it is to be protected for people to have physical integrity in the thought of you being able to eat. Mental integrity is also a part of minimum wage because people are always stressed with bills and payments. The point of minimum wage is to be able to live a life where you can provide for you family and be making the least amount of money that you can make in a community. Minimum wage rights are argued about because some people feel the minimum wage is not high enough for a person to live off of. People have to rely on food stamps and government help for their nutrition. there are people that are embarrassed of going to a supermarket and paying with federal money given to them by taxpayers. There are people that have to deal with this because of previous generations of their family and are never able to perspire because they have to drop out of school to work full time to relive tension of their family bills. Should federal minimum wage be raised so that people that are underprivileged can live a more comfortable life which will result in higher taxes and inflammation and the possible removing

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