Minimum Wage Debate Report

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Introduction Minimum Wage, also known as the savior of middle class, is defined as the lowest amount the employer legally can pay their workers per hour. The minimum wage law was set to introduce new goals in mind and such laws were created to reinsure that . For instance, the federal law that was originally proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders back in 2015, Pay Workers A Living Wage Act involves a five-part process that will increase the minimum wage each year. It will be indexed into the median hourly wage which will also eliminate the tipped minimum wage. It is difficult to decided whether this law has enough power to be passed, but it has gained enough traction to at least be considered by the congress and Senate. However, the minimum wage controversy has become a topic of discussion for several years now thus turning into a nationwide discussion. I believe the enforcement of minimum wage would protect the livelihood of workers who are working lower end jobs and living in poverty stricken neighborhoods. Also, the demographic of the workers should not play a factor in those are currently working…show more content…
Harvey of Forbes, The Real Argument For Raising The Minimum Wage. He discusses the controversial debate on whether or not there is economic impact of the Federal Minimum Wage. To further introduce his theory , he mentions the words of a widely known comedian named Chris Rock. Chris Rock, during a skit on Saturday Night Live says, “ You know what that means when someone pays you minimum wage? You know what your boss was trying to say? ‘Hey if I could pay you less, I would, but it’s against the law.”’ He is convincing his readers a chance to understand why the goal of minimum wage will do not any justice of raising or lower the unemployment rate, but protect and serve to those who do not have have enough resources to survive in this
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