Misconceptions About Evolution

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Throughout history we have slowly gained more and more information about genetics, our environment, and how they interact with each other. Neither of those things could determine a human’s (or any other animal’s) independently, but when you put them together you learn why humans are the way they are. Genetic diversity, natural selection, and evolution are just a few of the incredible things that makes humans, as well as all living things, truly beautiful. The first question I would like to answer is, “How does genetic diversity provide the material for ‘natural selection’?” It all comes down to who and what can survive and reproduce. Without genetic diversity, it would be more difficult for natural selection to eliminate those who cannot provide good and strong genes for generations to come. For example, the runt…show more content…
A shark cannot look into the future and decide that in order to be prepared, it will mate with another species of shark and thus produce a new species that can withstand rising temperatures. Living beings change and adapt as the environment changes. Humans can be put into a stressful workplace and instead of quitting, we have the ability to adapt to our surrounds by finding ways to cope or lessen the stress. We make changes as needed, much like evolution. There are three misconceptions about evolution. One of these is that an animal or being can make changes in preparation for the future even though those changes will have no use in the current conditions. Another one of these misconceptions is that each being has a specific path and time frame they’re supposed to take to reach certain levels of evolution but there is no definite schedule. The last one of these misconceptions is that natural selection can be deemed right in the human sense of right or wrong. However, all things that are natural are not necessarily good, and this is referred to as the naturalistic
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