Misrepresentation Of Native American Essay

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Today, Native Americans are facing a rising challenge in cultural appropriation as their cultural practices are exploited by the dominant groups. Their traditional items are misrepresented in a disrespectful and wrongful way. Fashion is undeniably the area where cultural appropriation takes place most frequently (Holloway, 2016), and it has been taking place since the 1800s (Bazylinski, 2013). As a result, it will be relevant to examine more deeply at the cultural appropriation of the Native Americans by the American fashion industries today. This essay will describe the misrepresentation of Native Americans’ traditional items by the fashion industry, looking more closely into the problem, namely the causes and implications of inappropriate representation of the Native Americans’ items. It will then present a judgement on the current solution as well as suggesting a possible solution that can more effectively tackle the consequences of cultural appropriation in the fashion industry. The misrepresentation of the Native Americans’ traditional …show more content…

Wood (2014) asserts that dilution of cultures is gradually taking place as the Native Americans are influenced by these misrepresentations to forget their traditions and the loss of these traditions can become a reality. Native Americans have a rich history and their cultures are important to the Americans thus losing them will be catastrophic. Besides, Native Americans are jeopardised in economic aspect as fashion are only deemed trendy with a white model. The fashion industries in American heavily invested on white models even when the fashion belongs to another culture hence resulting in loss of economic opportunities for the Native Americans (Schopf, 2016). The problem and its consequences arise from cultural appropriation are thought-provoking and finding a solution is

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