Progressive Era Clothing

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The Victorian Era is well known for puffy skirts and restricting formal garments while the Progressive Era was known for its more flamboyant attire and the World War II Era for its more conservative style to ration for the war. The history of clothing and fashion calls to question its importance in distinguishing identities of different groups of people as well as marking the different stages of the country’s cultural, political, and economic history. How are the different clothing styles reflective of the values and lifestyle of the multicultural United States and more importantly, how did it contribute to the creation of the American identity? 17th century inhabitants of the North American continent exhibited vastly different wardrobe choices …show more content…

Looking at the clothing from the Native Americans in comparison to the modern mid 20th century American so to gain a foundational understanding of the styles unique to each time period is one of many ways in which to identify the stark differences in apparel. Investigation into the distinguishing styles of different time periods would highlight the major difference of the Native American’s loin clothing and the early European immigrants heavily clothed dress. A knowledge of the different clothing styles opens the opportunity to explore any significant events of the time that may have influenced the clothing. Sections from the book Reader’s Companion to U.S. Women’s History provide close descriptions of the adoption of different clothing styles through exchanges similar to those made by the European immigrants and Native Americans accompanied with reasons why such exchanges occurred. Some ABC-CLIO articles (e.g. Lauren Gallow’s “A Developing Economy) identify the correlation between major events--such as the industrial and market revolution--of the time period and its impact on the clothing …show more content…

A thorough and broadened knowledge of American clothing’s history opens wide, the opportunity to explore the American identity. Helen Sheumaker’s “American Fashion” discusses the relationship between political values and their influence on different clothing styles. The Reader’s Companion to U.S. Women’s History provides insight about how the clothing fashion was indicative of a person’s class. Certain clothing styles distinguished specific communities like the wealthy and the working class yet simultaneously gave a clear distinction of the liberal American style from the proper and trim of the

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