Mission Statement And Goals For My Service Learning Essay

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Mission Statement and Goals
For my service learning, I volunteered at the Ottawa Country Department of Health and Human Service (DHHS), located at 12185 James St, Holland: (616) 394-7200. This is a fairly large agency that is distributed country to country, in the state of Michigan, helping those in need of various forms of financial help, for their basic needs. Their mission statement is, “MDHHS provides opportunities, services, and programs that promote a healthy, safe, and stable environment for residents to be self-sufficient. To develop and encourage measurable health, safety and self-sufficiency outcomes that reduce and prevent risks, promote equity, foster healthy habits, and transform the health and human services system to improve the lives of Michigan families.” As a whole, DHHS strives for the wellbeing of all sustaining the basic needs of various individuals, so they can achieve their goals. The quality of life is essential for being able to function in various facets of life. By having the assistance and getting the basic needs covered, creates an opportunity for advancement and to get out of hardship for these clients.
Primary Population
Within any agency, dependent on the services and programs, there could be a multitude of client populations. The primary population that is served at DHHS is those of low socioeconomic status. The main role of this agency is to provide assistance in the form of food assistance, cash assistance, and medical assistance.

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