Mission Stop Hazing

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Mission Stop Hazing Hazing is “rituals used to initiate new members into fraternities, sororities and other “Greek-letter” organizations, athletic teams, marching bands and military units. Hazing can range from seemingly innocuous discomfort, embarrassment or ridicule, such as wearing silly clothing or singing the school fight song in a public place to what some feel is psychological abuse” (Hansen). Hazing is perceived as an entertaining technique to mess with the new people, but it is becoming a very serious issue. People do not realize that hazing is leading to a series of injuries and deaths. The most common place hazing is practiced at is on university campuses, including the University of California Riverside. The “University of California Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students, defines hazing as the participation in any method of initiation or pre-initiation into a campus organization or other activity engaged in by the organization or members of the organization at any time that causes, or is likely to cause, physical injury or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in psychological harm to any student or other person” (Heng). UC Riverside has a strict no hazing rule, but it is easily misunderstood by students. Hazing new members is a “tradition,” but this tradition needs to be put to a stop. Putting an end to hazing will be extremely difficult because “hazing incidents nationwide are difficult to quantify because the rituals,

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