Missouri River Pollution

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There is an extreme amount of pollution in the Missouri River. Lots of rivers are being polluted, but one of the worst is the Missouri River. For example “According to the EPA, in 2007 the amount of pollution dumped into the Missouri River within the boundaries of our state totaled pounds.” (Top Ten Frightening Facts About The Missouri River, 1). The amount of pollution that has been deposited into the river is terrifying. Even companies that we trust and are a part of our everyday life like Tyson fresh meat which is the world's leading beef and pork supplier have been found polluting and were fined one million dollars. Companies have even been found dumped cancer causing chemicals into the river, “In 2009, Bayer CropScience released 342 pounds of cancer-causing chemicals into the Missouri River.” (Top Ten Frightening Fact About The Missouri River, 2). …show more content…

River pollution is a major problem and it has serious consequences, for example, because of pollution there are now 34 species of fish that live in the Missouri river that are rare or endangered. Also pollution is contaminating fish that come from the river, fish have been found with potentially deadly chemicals in them. This can be extremely dangerous, “According to a study by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, just a small drop of mercury is enough to contaminate a 20-acre lake, making fish unsafe to eat.” (Community Members Say Missouri River At Risk From Coal’s Mercury Pollution, 1). And 3 Million habitats have been changed because of pollution and this has affected the health of the wildlife and the ecology of the

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