Field Trip Report On The Cape Fear River

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Field Trip Report The Cape Fear River Watch is a non profit organization initiated to “protect and improve the water quality of the Cape Fear River.” They intend to help the river water remain “fishable, swimmable, and drinkable.” The Cape Fear River Watch provides a wide array of education, advocacy, and action programs for members of the Cape Fear River community. The Cape Fear River contains environmental habitats including salt marshes and black water swamps. The distinct and unique culture of the Cape Fear River demands protection. Large corporations have abused the Cape Fear River over the last few decades. Over the last century, the river’s fish population has decreased drastically. The Cape Fear River has developed water contamination and air quality issues from coal ash emissions and waste, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, and is now further threatened by the possible introduction of Titan Cement company. Theses companies have significantly impacted surrounding communities. Environmentally, these issues are destroying our water and air quality, and are detrimental to ecosystems within the river. As we explored the Cape Fear River during our field trip, our guide focused on these three main contributing factors to the destruction of the river. We explored the Rock Arch Rapids the River Watch constructed. We evaluated the different factors of water contamination from large corporations like Duke Energy. Sociologically, surrounding communities are facing issues
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