Mistake # 11: I Have Nothing To Hide

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The laughter had become so contagious and out of control that even my bosses couldn’t hold it in. Everybody started teeing off on me. People who weren’t usually funny were funny. I tried to crack back, but my brain was locked up. Nothing came out right – which made everyone laugh even harder and louder. I became so frustrated, angry and embarrassed that I looked at my brothers who were falling out their seats with their stomachs in knots and shouted “what are ya’ll laughing at? You can find your own ride back home.” Lake Geneva was 45 minutes away from Beloit, Wisconsin. All of a sudden, the entire group shifted all of their attention on my brothers. It was like that Denzel Washington, John Goodman movie Fallen. That laughing spirit would jump…show more content…
It’s the easiest and worse mistake you can make. Again, it’s one of those negative Religious Leadership type of characteristics that seems to go unnoticed in so many of us. As a rule of thumb, you should always approach every conversation, unless you are absolutely sure, with the chance that you could be wrong as I already stated. Doing so helps you save face in the event that you are (wrong). Again, we’ll pick up this point again in the next chapter. Rookie Mistake #11: I Have Nothing To Hide If I were running for public office I would call a press conference and invite as many media outlets willing to come and tell them, “here are all the smoking guns in my life.” Living life afraid to be judged or always crying “don’t judge me” isn’t healthy and it isn’t realistic. We're always being judged. People just don’t tell you to your face anymore. You can bet they will over the internet. That notwithstanding, if we learn to judge ourselves there won’t be anything left for anybody else to judge. Oh they’ll try, but if they aren’t giving up the goods about their own lives then you know you’re dealing with a person who has deeper issues. Ironically, that giant searchlight of judgment begins to beam down on

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