Mitchell Museum Experience

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Visiting the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian was a terrific experience. Seeing the past visually was amazing because I felt that reading the textbook and listening to lectures from the professor were good, but seeing the artifacts brought everything to life. My first impression being at the Mitchell Museum was how the professor presented the information in class was different from seeing pictures of the Indians. Just reading text or listening to a lecture makes it extremely hard to realize how they described the way they really looked and their appearance. Seeing the exhibit taught me more about the Pueblos and the Plains Indians. Those two groups were in They Made Us Many Promises and this gave me the opportunity to learn more about them.…show more content…
I knew about the Indians of the Plains and southwest slightly from the book we read for class. For example, I knew that the Spanish introduced the horse to the southwest around the 1600s, tribes living at the edges of the Plains region were able to travel greater distances and began to fully utilize the region and its resources. I also knew that the primary food source in the Plains was the herds of buffalo. Still, the museum introduced me to more about the Plains Indians. For example, it taught me that the breastplate was the object combines traditional materials and those gained through trade. I also saw different types of utensils for hunting, cooking, and building. I learned that a cradleboard was made from varied material and design from tribes to tribes. Headdress is one of the most widely recognized Native American artifacts in popular American culture and should always be treated with great respect. A picture of the headdress I saw is
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