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The Romantic Period

The following assignment options provide opportunities for you to explore the ways in which writers of the Romantic period (1785–1830) influenced their own society as well as our modern culture.

Select and complete one of the following assignments:

Option 1: The Response of the Romantics in Their Time Option 2: Romantics of Our Time Option 3: Ask a Romantic

Option 1: The Response of the Romantics in Their Time

Literature does not occur in a vacuum but is generated in response to forces in the larger culture.

Resource: “The Romantic Period” (pp. 1363–1884) in The Norton Anthology of English Literature

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you …show more content…

Focus on a single aspect of the following topics in your response:

• A Romantic author, such as John Keats, Lord Byron, or Percy Bysshe Shelley • A single genre, such as lyric poetry • A specific category of social change—such as philosophical, political, religious, or economic change—that still shapes our time

o For example, you may choose to draw parallels between the Romantic concepts and their application to modern times, or you may choose to illustrate where the concepts diverge.

o For example, you may elect to apply Romantic literary theories to contemporary literature, and so on.

Provide specific textual evidence from at least three literary works to illustrate the application of Romantic concepts to our modern age.

Format citations and references to The Norton Anthology consistent with APA guidelines. You may reference additional sources, but they are not required.

Option 3: Ask a Romantic

The Romantics struggled against many of the social forces that still shape the world. They addressed industrialization, for example, and the rise of science. You now live in a world shaped by 200 years of development of the trends that emerged during the Romantic period.

Resource: “The Romantic Period” (pp. 1363–1884) of The Norton Anthology of English Literature

Reflect on how the modern world is the same as and different from the world of the Romantic period.

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