Mob Mentality In The Crucible

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Mob Mentality

The brisk air fills the lungs of the students who shout, cheer, and sing in the bleachers of the sports stadium. One student starts the chant, as others follow, the next chanting louder than the first. It’s unlikely that these students would be yelling and singing the way they do if they were the only person doing it. This is mob mentality. The person starting this trend has a threshold of zero, because they didn’t need anyone to do it before they did, whoever is next has a threshold of one and the next, two and so on. Mob mentality is how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors and a threshold is how many people it takes for this influence to be adapted by their peers. Mob mentality can be seen in many ways in The Crucible and at Blue Valley West. Groups spreading the pressures of things like bullying, accusations, and clothing in order to fit in are all great examples of mob mentality.

When people are part of a group, they often start to deviate from their personalities, and tend to focus on the opinions and actions of the group. Groups can generate a sense of engaging energy, which can lead to behaviors that a person would not typically engage in if they were alone. People seem to believe that certain behaviors are acceptable when they are in groups that would otherwise not be acceptable if they were alone. Many people believe they cannot be held responsible for their actions when they are with a group because they see the

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