Callous attitudes in the Crucible

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The Crucible Essay In the Crucible, Arthur Miller writes of the hysteria during Salem Witch Trials, hoping that the world will never do anything stupid again because of hysteria. During the Salem Witch Trials there were many people that chose to act as individuals, rather than a community. Judge Danforth, Reverend Parris , and Abigail Williams had the power to stop, and even prevent the trials, but chose not to because they did not care for anyone except themselves. Judge Danforth could have stopped the trials when he found out that he was wrong about the whole thing. Also, Parris is the reason the trails took place, and Abigail Williams fed the flame of hysteria throughout the trails. These three individual contribute to callous…show more content…
Abigail Williams fed the flames of hysteria throughout the trials by masterminding a plot to get rid of Goody Proctor, John Proctor’s wife. “Never in this world! I know you John- you are at this moment singing secret hallelujahs that you wife will hang!”(152). Proctor replies “You mad , you murderous bitch!” (152). This dialogue between Abigail and Proctor proves that Abigail had intention to kill Goody Proctor so that she can have Proctor to herself. However, her efforts were not just to get rid of Goody Proctor. From the beginning she wanted to divert the shame of the incident in the woods from her, by accusing people of witchery. Abigail, truly proves to contribute to the callous attitudes of the town because she fills the minds of all the girls in Salem that the Devil is loose in the town, so that they do not have to be accused of singing and dancing in the forest. However, Danforth does nothing to stop the proceedings, to protect his name and his reputation as great judge. During the trials in Act 3, Danforth is presented with plenty of evidence to denounce the proceedings and send Abigail Williams to jail. “Twelve are already executed; the names of these seven are given out, and the village expects to see the die this morning. Postponement now speaks a floundering on my part; reprieve or pardon must cast doubt upon the guilt of them that died till now.”(131). This quote from Danforth proves that he knew that he had made a mistake, but chose to
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