Mobile Phone And Modern Cell Phone

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Research Question Over years technology has expanded dramatically. The amount of high level technology that is around us today in popular culture is massive. Things such as ipads, computers, tvs, ipods, and especially cell phones are used 24/7. Since 1876, when Alexander Graham Bell invented the first phone, it was a major success in technology. People could finally communicate with each other on the phone without actually having to see the person. The invention was great and really expanded the world with the telephone. Humans love to socialize. Before the telephone was invented people had to get up and actually physically talk to the person. However, as time went on phones have expanded. Home phones led to cell phones and now we have all the iphones. Are we getting more sociable with the resource we have in the cell phone? Not just the physical aspect of the phone but all the things that apply on the phone such as all the social media apps like twitter, facebook, and instagram that are all accessible on the phone. The research study that i want to analyze is does the modern day cell phone make people less physically social. Method In order to test this theory out I first think it's important to define what sociable means. Sociable can be taken in different ways so i would like to clarify specifically for this experiment. Socialization is the process by which a living organism is changed into a person and a social human being. It is with the help of this process that
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