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Final Term Paper : Mobile Security By: Sibbonai Carswell 9/14/2013 RES/531 Mobile phone usage is at its highest right now. I know personally if I don’t have my cell phone I feel like I am missing my closet accessory. I do everything from my phone talk, text. Check email, pay bills, check my bank account, send money, receive money etc. Since so many different things are done on cell phones, mobile security has become a big issue. The subject of mobile computing is extremely important to me because of my background in IT I have a Bachelors Degree in IT as well as I am pursing my masters in Network Engineering. The world has changed significantly in their use of technology a few years back everyone had a laptop and that was …show more content…

Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in outdated software. Wireless transmissions are not always encrypted, making information sent via mobile devices easier to intercept. One of the main reasons this is a problem is because most businesses now use smartphones as a communication device. Hackers are targeting 3 things on the cell phone data, identity and availability. A compromised phone can be vulnerable to several different attacks. The portability of mobile devices allows for continuous access to business and personal information, regardless of location. This portability also leads to the very common incidence of loss or theft of mobile devices. In fact, one survey of consumer users found that one out of every three users has lost their device4 at some point in time. These lost devices can present a plethora of devastating consequences. Not only is the device at risk, but bookmarked bank accounts with passwords set to auto-complete in the browser, contacts with pictures and addresses tied to the contact, calendar events, social media accounts, personal photos, pre-connected email accounts, and other data can also be jeopardized. Mainly because people are using their mobile devices for work related functions, the loss of a mobile device can also present devastating business implications, exposing intellectual property, sensitive employee and customer information, and a host of other corporate assets. Communication interception is a threat to any device

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