Persuasive Speech Outline On Cell Phones

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Molly Krumholz & Alex Teran CMN 112 Team Persuasive Speech Preparation Outline Cellphone Use within Schools Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience why cell phones should not be banned in schools. Central Idea: The use of cell phones in school is great for educational purposes, social life, and as a safety tool Introduction I. In today’s society, the use of mobile devices has taken over our lives in every way possible. II. Although this has been viewed by many as having a negative impact on American’s lives, we must begin to look at the situation in a positive manner. A. We need to come to terms with the fact that in reality, there is no stopping this widespread takeover of cell phones worldwide. 1. Rather than dwell on how much technology, and cell phones in particular, have destroyed our society and individuals, we should start to look at the benefits of cell phones. B. Cell phones have had a huge positive impact on our lives and society as a whole. III. In particular, cell phones can be a significant resource for individuals while attending school. A. We often associate the use cell phones while attending school as a huge distraction and something that should be forbidden by all schools. B. However, cell phone use within schools can help bring out some of the positive impacts cell phones have created in our lives. IV. Today, we would like to discuss why cell phone use should be allowed while in school and how allowing cell phones during school hours can

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