Modern Day Element Of Stockholm Syndrome

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Both the protagonists in the Beauty in the Beast trope display the characteristics of Stockholm syndrome. Beauty and the Beast is a tale that has withstood time. The tale can be traced back to 2nd century AD Cupid and Psyche by Lucius Apuleius Madaurensis. Stockholm syndrome is “a psychological syndrome in which a person being held captive begins to identify with and grow sympathetic to his or her captor” (Stockholm Syndrome 1). There are three main psychological characteristics to Stockholm syndrome, the first being that the hostage develops positive feelings towards their captor, the second being that the captor also develops feelings for the hostage, and the final one being that the hostage has negative feelings towards the authorities…show more content…
The first characteristic of Stockholm syndrome is the hostage develops positive feelings towards their captor and sympathizes with them. In “The Toad (1869)” by François -Marie Luzel the beauty displays the first characteristic of Stockholm syndrome and ends up developing feelings for the beast, which is a toad in this version. The toad forces the father to give him one of his daughter so the youngest daughter becomes his hostage and succumbs to the disgusting toad’s wishes and marries him. An example of the female lead displaying her positive feelings for the toad is when the toad leaves her and she continues pursuing him despite the toad becoming abusive and punching her in the face (Luzel 228). Namyak et al. a group of researchers from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences in London state “this bond develops as part of the victim’s defense mechanism to allow them to sympathize with their captor, leading to an acceptance of the situation, limiting defiance⁄aggression toward the captor and thus maintaining survival in an otherwise potentially high-risk scenario” (4-5). This proves that she has developed Stockholm syndrome for survival purposes because Beauty is at risk so she is forced to have positive feelings for the toad and love him despite the unhappiness of being torn away from her father and siblings. The maiden searches for the toad for two years straight out of her devotion and positive feelings towards him. The maiden continues the pursuits,

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