Modern Day Heroes: Poem Analysis

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In Books 1-16 (and throughout the text), Homer goes to great lengths to present Achilles as an epic hero. In literature, an epic hero is defined as a brave protagonist in an epic (long) poem. Think of a modern day hero. Examples of modern day heroes vary according to what you personally define as heroic.

Write 3-5 paragraphs (with 5-7 sentences in each paragraph) in which you compare your modern day hero with the qualities that Homer presents about Achilles. …show more content…

Samson is one of the last judges of Israelis, who was introduced in Hebrew of the Bible, that was gifted powers by God to protect his people that is supernatural beyond regular men. The first comparison is their strength and how they were gifted; Samson was promised to a mother of God that her son would be very strong and invincible within his long hair, while Achilles was immersed in the river of Styx, which was the river of life and death. Achilles share the same power as Samson because when his angry, he defeats and falls Troy when his dearest friend fell in his armor like Samson can defeat the lions, defeat armies with asses’ bone, and fall Philippine temples, Homer explains the outcome of Achilles involvement “Sing, goddess, the anger of Peleus’ son Achilles and its devastation…, hurled in their multitudes to the house of Hades strong souls of heroes.” (The Iliad Book 1: The Wraith of Achilles) Finally, they have similar weaknesses; Samson weakness was his hair was sheared and Achilles heel, which was forgotten to be dipped in the river by his mother, are comparable as they are the source to each of the heroes mortality. Even though it is not in the Iliad, it hinted out in Book 22, “I know you well as I look upon you, I know that I could not persuade you, since indeed in your breast is a heart of iron. Be careful now; for I might be made into the gods’ curse upon you, on that day when Paris and Phoibos Apollo destroy you in the Skaian gates, for all your valour.” (The Iliad, Book 22: Fall of Hector) of his source mortality like Samson's hair when loses his will to protect his people and they started to die because of the shearing. Samson and Achilles are both similar but there is one difference between them, Achilles is Greek mythology while Samson is

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