Comparison Of Mythology By Edith Hamilton And The Iliad By Homer

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In the book, Mythology. By Edith Hamilton and the Iliad. By Homer. The two epic heroes are Achilles, who is the hero of the Greeks and Hector is the hero of Troy. They are many ways to define an epic hero, an epic hero has a list of characteristic, for example, significant and glorified, is ethical and morally upright, has superior strength, intelligence, and or courage, is a strong and responsible leader and much more. Achilles is the better epic hero. There are characteristics that follow Achilles more than Hector.
Achilles is the epic hero seeing that he risk his death for the country of the Greeks. Achilles knew that if he went to Troy he would die, but he still went to Troy. Achilles said “ I will accept death when it come“ (Hamilton
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