Modern Feminist Theory And Modern Feminist Theory

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During the 18th century, Enlightenment ideas developed a political philosophy grounded in the idea of the individual subject. Enlightenment notions of freedom and choice inspired women to examine their position from a theoretical perspective for the first time. Over time, women continued to theorize about their unique position, created as a product of their gender, and used that theory to develop feminist politics. The purpose of feminist theory is to understand the identity of women as an oppressed group and examine the ways in which this identity is maintained and can be changed. It includes a re-examination of established norms in society and the multiple forms of oppression that women face. The ultimate effect of creating such a theory is a mode of politics that improves the status of women. In this paper, I will specifically focus on modern feminist theory and politics rooted in the 1960s wave of feminism. Through Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex, I will explicate the foundational ideas of modern feminist theory. Then I will use The Combahee River Collective in order to show that modern feminist theory must be intersectional in order to serve its purpose. Finally, using Angela Davis’ Freedom is a Constant Struggle, I will show some of the ways that a complete feminist theory can be used to create feminist politics, politics that involves the abolition of prisons in America and examining global systems of oppression.

In order to provide the foundation for feminist

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