Modern Poets : Lazy Or Genius?

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Modern Poets: Lazy or Genius?

Many people think of poetry as sappy love pieces, or essays to express extreme emotion. The issue with that is you could find an incredible poem hidden in plain sight and pass it off as something else. Besides the fact the poetry isn’t always about love, poetry issn’t always seen in a big book titled ‘Modern Poetry’. What I mean to say is, the best poetry is often hid in plain sight. This tends to happen lot, especially with singer/song writer Ashley Frangipane, better known by her stage name as Halsey. She is a modern day poet, hidden as a singer and a lyricist, but if you take a moment to listen to her songs, you’d know they’re as poetic as a true-form love poem by Longfellow or Blake. Her music can take a person to a whole other place with its enchanting lyrics and captivating melodies. She has excellent use of imagery, rhythm, and metaphors, all very key to a life-changing poem. To enjoy poetry you have to find a poet you can connect with, and if I can speak for myself, I have found one that I do. Halsey was raised by two twenty year old, college attending bi-racial parents. As she grew up as a half African-American half Italian child, she also found herself to be bisexual. I believe this makes her completely relatable, as well as important for our day and age of modern writing. The twenty year old, writes entirely on personal experience. From drugs in her youth, to her constant diagnosed depression, her writing is from the heart,

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