Modern Racism And The Middle Class Essay

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For the past 30 years the “gap” in income received by the rich and everyone else has continuously continued to increase, showing no signs of decrease anytime soon. This gap has mostly affected the middle class, which is made up of mostly African Americans and Hispanics, making America less determined to correct such an issue. Given the circumstances African American’s are the focus of this issue. It is known that modern racism exist within today’s society in various ways, one which happen to be within the economy. For decades the economy has has its downfalls, however, it’s been facing a issue that it has been hiding from the rest of the nation. The gap that everyone has been speaking of is only becoming more of issue, however, what many do not know is that African American’s are the ones who are feeling it the most. Given their history and place in society racial inequality. Modern racism has kept many blacks from receiving jobs and has kept them from many opportunities. Income inequality is an issue and it has been pushed aside for long enough it is now too big to avoid and it is time to therefore address it. It is due to such an act that the need for government assistance has increased, poverty levels are at an alltime high as are unemployment rates; and education levels are continuing to drop. The racial inequality African American face has come to affect their income earnings, which has affected education systems and poverty levels it is time such a issue is put to
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