Modernization And Modernization

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Modernization explains that social change is properly explained as the transition from traditional to the modern and the French themselves were actively focusing on this process. Evidence provided in the article shows that the colonist’s “took pride in their ingenuity in adopting local resources and molding them into something familiar” (Dawdy, 402). As well, the “culinary practices comprised a material form of imperial hubris that reflected the larger ambition of Europeans to transform America into something civilized and consumable” (Dawdy, 402). A cornerstone of Dawdy’s argument rests on the French colonist’s ability to “absorb the native into the colonial body” (Dawdy, 389) and utilize their “modern” French understanding of culinary …show more content…

“For its methodological purpose, [ideal types do] not seek to embody historical reality…but endeavors to integrate them in concrete configurations which are always and inevitably individual in character” (Weber, 9). In the case of Dawdy’s article, Native American culinary practices hold the title of “traditional” while French customs were “modern”. Furthermore, as Dawdy herself says, there “was a duality between French domestication and Indian wildness” that supported a “civilized/savage trope” (Dawdy, 396) that can be used to conceptualize our “ideal types” in this case. All of this leads us to the creation of ideal types based on the recognizable savage or civilized attributes of Native American and French cultures respectively. Once these ideal types are created, we can easily understand how the French colonists want to remove themselves from the Native Americans, while taking their customs and foods and elevating them to their civilized ideal type, ushering them into modernity as a product. Modernization is utilized in this article, as mentioned before, in a more implicit manner. While the author may not have been actively using the perspective the article, nonetheless, emblemizes the concepts of modernization. The article’s focus on culture and the presentation of the process that the French went through in the colonies to transform the Native culinary

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