Modified Little Mermaid Au - Based On @Larksweetsong'S

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Modified Little Mermaid AU - Based on @LarkSweetSong 's Drawing of Matthew and Stephanie as Prince Eric and Ariel, respectively

*It 's technically crack, since they 're both written out of character. At least, that 's what I currently think, especially since my writing skills are really rusty.*

It had been a few days since the mysterious brown haired woman mysteriously arrived into Prince Matthew 's life.

She had been found wandering alone along the shoreline of his kingdom a while ago. His trusted adviser and confidant, Jason, had alerted him about the woman. Jason had sent the errand boy, Chris, to retrieve the woman and bring her back to the castle.

But when she arrived, they quickly realized that communication was going to be a …show more content…

The way her hair moved in the gentle breeze. Her careful steps on the sand.

Unbeknownst to him, as he watched her, his gaze softened and a small smile graced his lips. But as he watched her maneuver back towards the castle, he could feel his heart beat quicken. This woman was only here for a couple of days. By all accounts, a stranger. But still, this woman filled him with such happiness and joy and he had no idea why. It didn 't make sense to him. They had never met before this.

They might be strangers now, but he was determined to change that.

Prince Matthew quickly made his way down from his balcony and flew down the castle steps, in the hopes that he could catch the mysterious miss before she disappeared again into the castle. As he rounded the corner, his brown eyes caught side of a blue blur heading towards him. He slowed his pace as he stuck out his hand to lightly grab ahold of her shoulder, and softly curled his fingers around her arm. He could feel her slow down, stop and saw her turn to face him.

"Hey," he said with a small smile. "I apologize for my manners. You 're my guest, but I never got your name."

He let of her arm and extended a friendly hand out to her. "I 'm Matthew, but you can call me Matt."

The woman returned his smile before she extended her hands out to him, but she did not shake it. Instead, she gently cradled Matthew 's hand in her own. Her right hand was underneath his right hand, the hand he had extended to her, while her left hand

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