Module 2 : Professional Development

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Module 2: Professional Development
David M. Lynch
Aspen University

This paper addresses the content associated with the second module of learning. Specifically this paper addresses the characteristics of the medical care culture that supports high technology solutions rather than prevention, the impact of financial solvency on the health care system and resistance to a single payer system in the United States
Keywords: high technology health care, financial solvency, single payer health care system
Module 2: Professional Development
The purpose of this paper is to address the three questions posed in the second professional development module.
Characteristics of High-technology Driven Health Care Systems
Throughout the United States a rapidly increasing burden of chronic preventable illness is threatening the nation’s economy, government and public health (Strange and Woolf, 2008). Spending over 16% of its gross national product on health care, the United States ranks 37th in the world for effectiveness of health care (WHO, 2008). Under this model, care resources are concentrated on treating advanced disease rather than focusing on prevention. Conversely, only 2-3% of health care dollars spent are allocated for prevention (Strange and Woolf, 2008).
When assessing the characteristics of high-technology driven health systems—those systems that focus on restoration rather than prevention, it is more practical to identify what these systems “do not do versus what

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