Module 9 Assignments Essay

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The Phonology of English and the Phonemic Script Describe a pronunciation problem you had in learning a foreign language. How did you overcome that difficulty? What did your teacher do to help you with pronunciation? Explain why the English alphabet alone is not a very good guide to the pronunciation of English. Give examples (beyond what you may have seen here). What are some of the advantages of using the Phonetic Chart in class to help your students with their pronunciation problems? Describe a specific student/teacher interaction in which it would be used. When I learnt French I had quite a few pronunciation problems. I would listen to how the teacher would pronounce a word and try to copy the teacher. Practice made…show more content…
For instance, the words read and read can have the same spelling but different meaning. The former, "I have read the latest book of Paulo Coelho". The other example is “I like to read’. There is also different spelling but same pronunciation in the English language for example “The colour of my shoes is red”, “I have read that book’. The English alphabet alone is not a good guide because although we have 26 letters of the alphabet, it has double the number of sounds which is possible 52 (44 and more). To know and recognize the sounds will help students and give them a phonetic chart which in turn will help with their speaking skills. Some advantages of using a phonetic chart in class to help my students with their pronunciation problems would be to express the sounds of the English language. It will aid in explaining pronunciation and allow both students and teachers to be more confident. Students can learn to use their dictionary better and teachers can correct the students. If students keep the phonetic chart in their notes, this will help them tremendously when learning new vocabulary items and encourages the independence of the student. The teacher can anticipate some problems. When students want to hear how they sound they can record themselves and a phonetic chart guides with the recording of vocabulary. A student/teacher interaction in which it could be used is when I would make my own wall charts and put symbols I want them to learn on the board and drill them. I
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