Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi Research Paper

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On October 26, 1919, in Tehran, Iran, a man was born who would change the course of history forever. This man fostered some of the best nationalization policies in his country, in addition to new development programs designed to better the lives of Iranians. His name: Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (Encyclopaedia Britannica). In 1979, Pahlavi was exiled from his country because of a political revolution, but it was perhaps his exile more than anything else he did in his life that was the real turning point, mostly due to the rise of Radical Islam that followed shortly after. Reza Pahlavi may not seem like an important figure in history, but his banishment changed the course of history forever.
Born October 26, 1919, Mohammad Reza was the eldest son of an army officer who became ruler of Iran in 1925. Then, after his father’s exile on September 16, 1941, Mohammad Reza replaced his …show more content…

When Pahlavi made it to the United States in October 1979, Islamic militants in Tehran responded on November 4 by initiating the Iranian hostage crisis (Chun and
But what did Reza Pahlavi’s exile actually do? Some might propose an argument that it did nothing but allow a gate to open that Khomeini was able to slip through. However, the facts would prove otherwise. Although the shah had downfalls that led to revolts, his contributions to Iranian society cannot be missed. During his address to the World Affairs Council, Reza Pahlavi stated,
I invite my fellow Iranians to accept and defend our differences in the spirit of pluralism and tolerance, and champion the cause of human rights, secularism and democracy as a common denominating goal, above and beyond our personal, ethnic, religious and ideological variations. There can only be one real solution: change from within, and at the hand of the Iranian people, is the only legitimate, and the least costly

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