Mohammed Mossadegh's Collapse

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The nationalization of the sprawling Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and its holdings voted into place by the Iranian parliament revoked the ownership British colonialism had on one of the world’s largest oil supplies. This consequentially caused distress for not only Britain but the United States as well. This single act kick started the beginning of the American Coup, a staged plan to overthrow and seize the power of the Iranian prime minister Mohammed Mossadegh in an effort to regain control of the oil industry in the Middle East. In 1953, two years after the initial nationalization of AIOC, the C.I.A. began the coup but faltered and failed due to Mossadegh receiving advanced warnings; in the end Mossadegh was overthrown. The coup led by America bred a new …show more content…

The victim was Mohammad Mossadegh, the democratically elected prime minister of Iran. Although the coup seemed a success at first, today it serves as a lesson on why foreign intervention can have catastrophic impacts that can last, as we have now witnessed, decades. We, the United States, are at fault for this terror stemming from the Middle East. We have no one but ourselves to blame when a plane crashes into an American skyscraper or an American passenger plane is hijacked. By intervening in Iran and staging the 1953 coup, we turned a nation that had been our friend for over a century into one of our most hated enemies. Our nation as a whole must come to the unanimous realization that we created this mess and that we need to understand this fact while dealing with this terror. The approach that the United States has taken on Middle East terror since 1953 is one that suggests we are a global good samaritan who is getting wrongfully attacked for trying to “help out” in the Middle East. The sooner we realize that this is a product of US meddling, the sooner we may begin to change our approach to dealing with

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