Molly's Throttle: A Narrative Fiction

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“Molly Starkey?” the receptionist called out signaling to Molly. “Come through please.” she said leading her into Dr. Neethling’s room. “Do you want me to come with you?” Sue asked her daughter. “No, its okay…thanks mom.” Molly replied. After taking a sample of her urine and blood pressure, Dr. Neethling asked her to sit down. “So Molly, how old are you?” he asked without looking up at her. “I’m seventeen, doctor.” she replied still thinking that she had picked up a stomach bug. “Do you have a boyfriend, Molly?” he asked again, this time he was looking at her. “Yes I do, why?” Molly asked nervously. “Are…are you sexually active, Molly?” he asked her again. “Dr. Neethling… why are you asking me all these strange questions? What’s wrong with me?” she…show more content…
You’re pregnant.” he said and this time Dr. Neethling thought that Molly was going to faint. “Molly? Are you okay?” he asked before getting up and making his way to where she was sitting. “What?” she asked and he could see her pleading with her eyes. “It can’t be…we…I am on the pill. How?” she asked with confusion in her voice. “Molly…the pill is only 99% effective. Have you taken any other medication recently?” he asked again while he was trying to understand why she fell into the 1% bracket. “I…don’t…yes, I was taking antibiotics for a sinus infection a month or so ago?” she said softly. “Well, there you have it then…antibiotics work against the pill.” he said making his way back to his desk. Molly looked at him in disbelief, and she could feel a restricting lump in her throat. “What am I going to tell my parents?” she said without realizing that she had said it aloud. Molly knew that her father would never forgive her for disappointing him in this way. Molly knew that all he had asked of her was to finish school and then she could go back to Ryan. She felt her body start to shake when she thought about what James would say, and it scared her to think of how he might
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