Moment That Changed My Life

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A Moment That Changed My Life There were many moments that shaped who I am today, but there was a moment that happened when I was six or seven that changed my life. My brother is eight years older than me and he has always been a trouble maker. For the most part he was just a really bad kid. He stole things all the time, even from our parents. He did drugs and drank alcohol. He ran around with all the wrong kids. He snuck out of the house all the time. Our parents did everything they could to try and straighten him out but nothing worked. I remember one time my dad got a call from Target, it was the store manager. He told my dad that he needed to get down to the store because his son had gotten caught shoplifting a pair of sunglasses. There was another time after that when my brother had community service and he got caught stealing from the Salvation Army. He spent years getting into trouble and going to Juvenile Detention only to get out and do something to get himself put back in. He even got a Driving While Intoxicated ticket when he was 15 and because of it, he has never had a driver’s license. The time that I remember most was one night he ran away and my mom and dad spent all night looking for him. Finally, they had to call the police and let them know he had ran away. When the cops showed up at the house, the officer took a report from my mom and dad and when he was getting ready to leave my brother walked around the corner. The cop started talking to him and told

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