An Accident That Changed My Life

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An accident that changed my life An accident can happen to anyone at any time. It is so unusual and it happens because of our unwillingness and careless. I have heard news about people getting car accident in radio and TV. But this time I have experienced a nightmare incident in my life. I feel that everything happens for a reason .This is why my life has changed into a different one. Our life is designed in such a way that we have to learn various information as we grow up and we will learn by doing certain mistakes. Accident can amend your life in numerous manner: Realization of several mistakes, beginning of new sort of life, and lowers the level of quality of life. I was an undergraduate student in Arkansas State University, AR, Jonesboro. We have finished our fall semester. The final exam was over and results were also published out. Every one of our class has passed in the exam. Mostly I used to hang out with my friends. They were the most important people as I was there as a international student. Getting chance to meet some people from your own country was a privilege to me itself. We were having a break time after the exam was accomplished .We have been practicing to visit lakes and some restaurant in the downtown area. Public transports were so poor and we have to walk to go to the university. It was the December 19, we were nine students from Nepal and we had planned to transfer to community college of
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