Momma Sands Book Report

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This book is about a family that lives in Flint, Michigan that traveled to Birmingham, Alabama where Mrs. Watson grew up. Byron is going to have to stay with her for the whole summer or until he learns to behave. Which, let's face it, could be indefinitely. Grandma Sands is strict, and Byron is going to have to leave his culprit, Buphead, behind, so he's not exactly happy about this idea. When they finally in Birmingham, Bryon is surprisingly nice to everyone. It is apart of his plan to go back to Michigan with his family.

Then the family meets Grandma Sands new boyfriend, which Mrs. Watson isn’t so pleased about that because she didn’t know. There is a lot of segregation in the south. In the north, not so much. When Kenny, Bryon, Joetta, Mr. Watson, and Grandma Sands boyfriend were walking, and Kenny and Byron ran in the restaurant and Kenny asked for a hotdog and the waitress said “ We don't serve your kind, you have to go out back.” Then Grandma Sands boyfriend said “They didn’t know, they’re from up North” Then they had to leave. The next day Kenny, Byron, and Joetta cousins came over to Grandma Sands house and told them how they marched on D-Day. All the African Americans protested peacefully for justice and not to be segregated from Caucasians. But then the firefighters and police beat them brutally, struck them fire hoses, and let the K-9 dogs bite them. They put every single person in jail. The jail house was full and couldn’t put anymore people in there so they let …show more content…

One thing I liked about this book is that it shows a lot of detail and and the characters were very funny to me. One thing I disliked is that people were so mean and would hate our ethnicity. It was very sad that the KKK blew up the church and those four girls died. Its very low to me that someone would put bombs in the church to kill people and all we wanted was to stop segregation. Its very very

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