Money And Happiness Essay

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Money and Happiness Can poor people be happy? Can rich people be unhappy? The answer to both questions is yes. However, this does not mean that there is not a strong correlation between money and happiness. Money is a pillar of this capitalistic society and without money, the system of government would not work. With that in mind think about happiness and how that correlates with money. Money can buy happiness because money can help solve a lot of problems, it makes life easier for people, and it allows people to fulfill their dreams and live a better life. Money and happiness have a strong connection and research backs it up.
In contrast to decades of research reporting surprisingly weak relationships between money and happiness, recent …show more content…

Therefore, the more money a person makes the more ranked positions they can go up. This will lead them to become happier as they continue to prosper and move up the chain. Having success in today’s age leads to more money, which means that success leads to more happiness. The more success you have the more money you can make. It is a misconception that money cannot bring happiness. This also will lead people to try and be more successful in life. Dwight R. Lee argues that, “More real purchasing power brings about a tremendous amount of human happiness, despite what empirical studies and an incomplete reading of Adam Smith suggest. The most common argument is that the happiness people realize from having more income results from having more relative to others in some reference group, not from having more absolutely.” (386) What Lee is saying is that having the ability to acquire expensive items brings about more happiness than just general wealth. For example, a wealthy man who has the capability to buy a Ferrari will be generally happier than a man who makes a lot of money but can’t spend any of it. All of this goes to say that having more money and having the ability to spend it will bring happiness. Being able to spend money and not having to worry about it makes people have less stress, which then can make people happier.
Certain kinds of happiness can be bought by money. A was study conducted by two Princeton University professors, Daniel Kahneman and Angus

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