Why Is It Important To Donate Money

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Organ donation is when a donor with a healthy functioning organ gives a person who has a failing organ their organ; organ donation can occur when the donor is living, but certain organs-such as a heart-requires the donor to be deceased. Organ donation is a topic that is very important because it deals with whether people live or die, and it doesn't help that the amount of recipients for organs is greater than the amount of donors. According to Brian Hansen's Organ Shortage it's stated that about 115 people are added a day to the 80,700 people who are in need of organs, and of these people only 66 people a day actually gets organs (155). This means that the amount of people waiting for organs surpass the amount of organs readily available. …show more content…

Money should not be used as an incentive because people should give with sincerity. To donate means to give something to charity. If money was being received for donating organs then it wouldn't be donating; instead one would be getting paid for there organs. I wouldn't go as far as saying donating organs it's our God-given duty (Fisanick). However, if a person is going to donate their organs to save someone else's life they should be doing it because it is what they feel is right. A person should not donate their organs just for the money they could possibly get-if they were to get money. The idea that people should give for the good should be present once they have passed also. Assuming that a donor is already deceased there would be no purpose to give the family money for the organs. The reason being that the deceased no longer have use for the organs. So knowing that the organs will be harvest once deceased when it's chosen to give organs. It should be assumed that the person is giving the organs as a gesture from the hearts and not for the money for their family. Money should not be used as an incentive because it will cause the black market to rise. By giving out money to donors it can cause anyone to come into a hospital with organs to sell. This would be bad because the donors are not screened. That could cause some background information from the donor that is need to know to be omitted. It could also cause doctors to just trust the people selling to organs

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