Organ Donation Essay

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As organs continue to fail in the bodies of hundreds of thousands of people, the demand for them has increased, while the ability to easily acquire them has decreased. Many men, women and children are struggling to live due to an unhealthy organ that resides in them, so the demand for a replacement organ becomes critical. With a lack of people willing to donate their organs, individuals will soon be getting compensated to do so, which will increase the willingness of people to donate, giving those in need the chance to live. Even the families of the deceased will be compensated if any part of their body was donated. In addition to the increase of donations, organs will soon be grown from the stem cells of a patient, as well as be printed from a three-dimensional bioprinter.
When a person decides to donate their organs, it should not be taboo to expect some form of payment in return. Every year, the number of people who need an organ transplant grows and are added to the national transplant waiting list, monitored by UNOS. As of November 2017, more than 100,000 people needed an organ transplant that would save their life (UNOS, 2017). Unfortunately, organs for these individuals aren’t as readily available as they would have hoped. As many as 20 men, women, and children die every day waiting for an organ (UNOS, 2017). This number would not be as high if there were more people who were willing to donate their organs to those who were in need, but “people just don’t seem

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