Mongol Dynasty Research Paper

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be also part of the content of the texts of Neo-Confucian. This gave the emperor and its government the advantage of keeping things and people in control and in unity especially under the court. Things could therefore run smoothly in the government and its operations. Though to be certified was not an easy task for the officials. Neo-Confucian contained numerous classics and books which was all codified and compiled in the era of the Song. All these was to be memorized and known by the officials.
The Confucianism revived to what is now Neo-Confucianism. These Confucianisms had a curriculum containing of books and classics which were four and five in number respectively. They contained religious and political philosophy of the Confucius and …show more content…

This followed the collapse of the Mongol-led dynasty of Yuan. This dynasty brought an era a government which was orderly and socially stable in the history of human beings. This dynasty was developed as a result of bad ruling by the dynasty which was Mongol-led. This dynasty overtaxed its people and had the economy of China go down in pieces. Zhu led the military n fighting this dynasty and he conquered. He then ruled the dynasty with uncontested rivalry from any group. This saw the fall of the dynasty of Mongol. He declared the founding of the dynasty of Ming and took the name Hongwu as his emperor …show more content…

He lowered Nanjing to be the second capital of China. In 1943, he then appointed Beijing as the capital of China. There were a lot of constructions that brought new employment opportunities for the people of China. Yongle used the treasure of Zheng He’s to improve the trade of China. He promoted the culture of the Chinese by use of printing of woodblock. He also took advantage of the power from the military forces to expand china’s territories including the Vietnam occupation. He brought in new ships for tributary operations that operated internationally. China also engaged in overseas trading that boosted the economy. Indeed, Yongle had many

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