Monitoring Quality Data

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How a Facility Evaluates and Monitors Quality Data
Yadira Garcia
University of the Incarnate Word Online

How a Facility Evaluates and Monitors Quality Data
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the methods used by a local health care facility, Southwest General Hospital, to evaluate and monitor healthcare quality data. Quality measurement in health care is the process of using data to evaluate the performance of health care providers against recognized quality standards (FamiliesUSA, 2014). The measuring of quality plays a vital role in the creating, maintaining, and managing of the data that this healthcare facility aims in focusing on quality of health care.
Quality measures are set in place by Southwest General Hospital (SGH) to assess the delivery of its health care. These measurement systems allow the hospital access to tools that enhance the efficiency and delivery of patient care. One system that SGH uses to promote quality is the use of computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system which reduces medication errors. Another way Southwest General promotes the measurement of quality data is by becoming the first local hospital to use a high-tech system to track staff in promoting hygiene. Karen Barnhart RN, Director of Quality states, “Our staff members clip a small device onto their badges which then interfaces …show more content…

(DNV). Creating, maintaining, and managing quality health information plays a vital role in achieving DNV accreditation for this facility. Measuring quality of this facility requires that an entire hospital is dedicated to meeting the needs its patients and achieving the goals required to initiate and maintain accreditations. As a result of its hard work and dedication, Southwest General Hospital has earned numerous distinctions for quality, including accreditations which include Chest Pain, Stroke, Bariatric Surgery, and Wound

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