Monkey's Paw: A Short Story

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Mr White and Mrs White were sitting in their living room on a sad,rainy day mourning the loss of their son when they suddenly hear growling coming from outside. Mr White went to go check the door and found Sergeant Major Morris and his dog. “What are you doing here?”asked Mr White. “I came to ask if you made your three wishes yet,”answered Sergeant Major Morris. “No not yet,”affirmed Mr White. “But i'll call you when I have.” Later in the day Mrs White needed groceries for dinner so Mr White went to go get groceries. He came home with all sorts of food like meat, bread, noodles, chicken, fruits, soup, vegetables, and some junk food too. Then Mrs White got right to making dinner. She ended up making chicken noodle soup. That night when going to bed, Mr White thought so hard about what his third …show more content…

“Great! Now what I want you to do is to start a fire and burn the monkey’s paw. If you don’t burn the paw, it will haunt you for the rest of your life.” Mr White quickly hung up and looked for supplies to start a fire. He then realized that he had no supplies to start the fire so he told Mrs White to watch the monkey’s paw while he went to go buy the supplies. Mrs White watched the monkey’s paw even though she was very confused. When he came back, he quickly made the fire and threw the monkey’s paw into the fire. “Why did you do that?”asked Mrs White while starting to get mad. “Sergeant Major Morris told me that if I don’t burn the paw, it will haunt us for the rest of our lives so I burned the paw,”Mr White assured her. After the paw was burned Mr and Mrs White suddenly remembered all the mourning that was going on before Sergeant Major Morris came to their door. Both Mr and Mrs White had forgotten about Herbert’s death with all that was going on. That night instead of sleeping, they mourned the loss of Herbert some more. They may have had their mind off of Herbert for a day, but nothing would ever make them forget

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