Monkey's Paw Foreshadowing

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Analyzing the Monkey’s Paw In the short story the Monkey’s Paw, one of the main literary devices that were prevalent in the author’s writing was foreshadowing. From the beginning of the story, all the way to the end, there was always a hint of what was to come. The first sign of foreshadowing in the story is when Sergeant Major Morris visits the White family after returning from India. Sergeant Morris shows the family the monkey’s paw he had brought back from India with him. He tells the White family of its magical powers due to a very holy man, also known as a “fakir” having put a spell on the monkey’s paw. "It had a spell put on it by an old fakir," said the sergeant major, "a very holy man. He wanted to show that fate ruled people's…show more content…
The irony of this is the man then gives the family 200 pounds as a compensation for their son’s death. Irony continues throughout the story when the mother than wishes for Herbert to come back to life. Neering the end of the story the overall tone changes dramatically. The family goes from hopeful and eager, to a more dark feel. In the beginning of the story there was a kind of light hearted tone. The family is eager to try out the monkey’s paw, not once thinking about the consequences their wishes might have. Towards the end, the story gets grim, and the family is then making wishes out of fear. Fear that they might never see their son again. A literary device that does not show in the story till the end is suspense. The final wish of the story is a mystery to the reader. Jacobs never informs the reader what the last wish is, but he gives us a hint what it might be. There is a knock at the door, someone or something has come to the door and won’t stop knocking. The mother hurriedly rushes to the door. At this time the father scurries to find the monkey’s paw, and he then makes the final wish. The knocking stops at the door immediately after he makes his wish. Although we are never told what the last wish is, this gives us an idea that what he wished for was his son to return to the dead. The story ends with the mother opening the door and seeing nothing but a deserted road in front of her. This part of the story is filled
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