Analysis Of The Monkey's Paw And The Lottery

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Literary Analysis: “The Monkey’s Paw” VS. “The Lottery” While both short stories can be considered entertaining, W. W. Jacobs’ “The Monkey’s Paw” does an overall better job at using characterization, irony and foreshadowing to create the long-lasting effect of suspense. Throughout the story, Jacobs creates a theme which can be interpreted in many ways such as: “Be careful what you wish for.” or “Evil can come in the most unexpected forms,“ (such as the paw). If the theme of evil and regret is present before the story is even introduced, the reader is automatically pulled into this preconceived idea that there will be a great amount of suspense. This idea continues to be confirmed as the story develops. Characterization is the first step needed to create develop. Unlike “The Lottery,” “The Monkey’s Paw” has a very limited number of characters. Thankfully, the limited count does not hinder characterization within this story. In fact, it enhances it. “The Lottery” has very little dialogue, This is a mistake. Jacobs shows the proper way to characterize by including more dialogue and giving each character more time in the spotlight For example, there are four characters in the lottery: Mr White. Mrs. White, Sergeant Major Morris, and Herbert White. Characterization is indirectly made just by Mr. and Mrs. White both struggling internally and externally during the story’s climax. “It’s my boy: it’s Herbert!” the woman cried. Meanwhile, Mr. White begs his wife not to “let it

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