Monologue From 'My Dearest Hana'

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My dearest Hana, You must know how much I've come to contemplate life now, being here in the trenches for some time. How fleeting one's life can be and the swiftness at which life's light can be stolen; all of which I know far too well from the everyday occurrences of this dreary war. My love, if the news has not yet reached you, the 25th battalion was moved from the Ypres sector to Somme earlier this month. Tomorrow, we are to go over the top and capture the town of Courcelette using the new creeping barrage method. I fear that I may not return from no man's land and die a slow and horrible death, lying helpless on the wasted, barren land, as many others before have. However frightening death may seem, I fear even more that I may never…show more content…
Even so, we are grateful for every little change here. I forgot to mention in my previous letter that the horrible Ross rifles were officially replaced with Lee-Enfields, to everyone's great relief. Also, we have been given big, heavy, black boots. 'Ammunition' boots, I believe they are called. They are truly wonderful things, my love, for now we need not worry about wet feet. Despite all this, the mud in the trenches is still as thick and deep as ever and every step in the trenches brings about unbearable squelching noises. The slimy mud is often knee-deep and mixed with bits of ammo, sticks, and human bodies. Dead men are found everywhere here: lying on no man's land, stacked on the trench walls, and pelted on the floors of the trenches. The trenches are no place for the living, love, but for the dead. I'd wager that more dead men rest in these pits than the living. There are so many dangers snuggling right next to us soldiers in these stagnant trenches that are not the Fritz. The rats here are unbelievable – the size of cats I dare say. They are fearless and daring monsters who shamelessly feast on the corpses of dead soldiers. Terrifying creatures, don't you think? It is impossible to sleep at night just thinking about those filthy creatures and listening to the continuous artillery fire outside. Cooties are another pest that thrives here in the trenches on the bodies of men- living men,…show more content…
Men do not belong here, for it is Hell on earth. Not even the Fritz should be subject do these conditions which one would only suspect the Devil can create. How I'm glad that you and little Marie are shielded from this monstrosity and are safe at home. How I sometimes hope to get a blighty just to join you two, my angels, at home. But no, forbid these thoughts of mine. To protect you and Marie, I will endure anything, even this wretched war. So be it that even if there is no other reason for me to fight, the love from you and little Marie will be more than enough to fuel me through each and every upcoming battle. Tomorrow, I'll be going over the top with the two of you on my mind. Please pray for me and have little Marie know that her father is trying to be brave for her. I hope this war will end soon, I really do,
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