Monologue: What's His Problems

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PAUL What's his problem? CALVIN Don't mind him. I got good news and bad news. PAUL What's the good news? CALVIN You're coming to live with me. JAQUES Yeah, you should. It's no beating over there, but I will say that the living room couch is not a comfortable place to sleep. CALVIN Hold on. PAUL What's the bad news? CALVIN Jaques hasn't paid his half of the rent in months JAQUES You said I had seven days. CALVIN Yeah, had. That a week ago. We can let Jaques get his things, and then you can take us to my house and get your stuff. JAQUES Are you serious? Y'all better find another ride you jackass. Jaques walks out and slams the door. PAUL Have you ever got beat with a bat with nails sticking out?CALVIN No. Why? Paul laughs. CALVIN What? PAUL

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