Co-Center Case Study

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Peter, Ruth and Jenelle. Today, the co-residents awoke at around 06:00 and shortly afterward ate breakfast. Shannon and myself used preventative measures to stop an argument from escalating, i.e. diverting co-residents attention, as both (BM), and (DD) were getting quite upset with one another. Co-residents (BM) and (DD) settled shortly after this and seemed to be getting along quite well for the rest of the morning. Mopping, general tidy of the unit, file notes, petty cash, emptying of the bins, dishes, and various other chores were completed; as per daily cleaning routine. The vacuuming was only partially done; this is due to the vacuums’ dud/ineffectual performance, however the floors were swept with a broom to the best of our abilities. …show more content…

Whilst at home with myself, Keith, (BM) and (DD) behaved well. Throughout the day, (DD) and (BM) played guitar and chess with myself, (BM) and (DD) also watched cartoons on T.V.

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