Monopoly : A Short Story

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It was the night before the biggest craziest thing happened to me. I was At my friend's house we had the best sleepover But we did do some crazy things we were going through a closet filled with board games and we found a odd game There was no name but I did have rules we kind of thought it was weird because my friend Sarah said that she never remembered having this but we both played it anyways. It was kind of played like Monopoly but at the end you would get one wish but only one person would get the Wishing Square was the first person that played it had little statues to like it does in Monopoly. Sarah was way too scared to go first cuz she thought it was real and everything I thought it was just make believe so as …show more content…

“Hey Sarah“ “She Replied, yeah” I told, Sarah to pinch me She walked over got my arm and pinched me it hurt, but I didn't wake up this was real it was really real. I was still standing there just flapping the wings. my feet was still on the ground that I decided I'm going to go full extreme I walked over to Sara's window and jumped out I could hear Sarah freaking out while I was falling she lived in an apartment building almost on the very top so. There was a long ways down I was holding my eyes closed still thinking I was falling ,but when I opened them i was flying. It was the best thing ever I thought it would be way harder. I turned back around and flew Back into Sarah's window. She was still freaking out Then looked at me and said I'm so jealous but how are you going to go to school today. Oh my gosh you're right I can't miss a day of school that would mess up my Attendance record. I said what if there's a way I could make them go away. I closed my eyes shut and thought real hard and repeatedly said in my head Wings go away Wings go away Winx go away when was go away. Then the wings stretched out eand quickly Came into my back. I open my eyes and looked at Sarah “See I told you it wasn't going to be all that bad”I said . You never said anything she said. “I laughed, I know “ It was already 7 by then we both got ready for school. After her mom dropped us off at school we

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