Montana and the Rocky Mountains

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not and if you just want to learn about Montana continue reading and you will learn all about Montana.

Montana is the mostly densely populated state. Montana is from the Spanish word Montana

(mountain or mountainous region)

2,700 African Americans live here. Montana’s first African Americans’ arrived in 1860.

About 18,000 Hispanic people live in Montana. Native Americans’ make up about 6 percent of

Montana’s population. More than 4,6000 Asian Americans live in Montana. Chinese people first lived

in Montana. All of them owned businesses, like, laundries and restaurants. They arrived during Word

War 2. Almost 90 percent of Montanans are white. In the 1800s, European immigrants arrived.

Miners came from Ireland, Wales, England, Italy, and Poland.

Farmers arrived from Germany and Norway. Lumberjacks came from Sweden. Most worked

as miners and cowboys. Many of their families came from Mexico. Also, many retired people live here.

The best retired cities are Missoula and Bozeman. Others have retired areas like Hamilton

and Kaliteli. Today Montanans came from the early miners and ranchers. Many Hispanics and

Latinos have moved to larger cities. About 52 percent of Montanans live in or near cities.

Most of Montana’s large cities are in the Rocky Mountains. About 48…

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