Montessori Class Reflection

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These two past weeks we have been doing a lot of lecture series in class, which I enjoy a lot, I feel like I learn better when having a power point presentation to see, read, and listened to, instead of just talking about something or reading it. This past week we also had our first paper due, our thoughts and beliefs paper which we had time to talk about what we wrote about with a partner. I thought this was a very insightful way to see how other people interpreted the same assignment, and even though we both answered the questions we may have answered them in a different way or a different perspective. So far in class we have gone over some general theories of play, some of which I had already learned about in my developmental psych class, but others that I had not really hear of before. One of the surprising things I learned was about was the Montessori schools. Up until this class I had a negative connotation towards Montessori schools because one of my friends went there for kindergarten through fourth grade and she felt like they didn't properly prepare her for public schooling. She was behind in most of her classes, and didn't feel like she could easily catch up. But after learning that the Montessori schools teach independence to children I realize how she has often acted more mature and independent from people her own age. Although she was not top of her class she was able to catch up and graduate high school with all the kids she started 5th grade public school

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