Classroom Reflection

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Scenario: I’m teaching a third-grade class of 20 total students. The class consists of the following population:
• 3 students who write well above grade level (Green group)
• 2 gifted students who write extremely well (Green group)
• 5 students who write at grade level (yellow group)
• 4 learning support students who write below grade level (Red group)
• 3 students who write below grade level (Red group)
• 3 English language learners (orange group)

I’m teaching narrative writing, and the students are assigned to write about their favorite memory of their first day of school. I will meet the specific needs of each student through
Gunning’s view of tiered instruction.

1. Green group: gifted students and above grade level students
2. Yellow group: on grade level students
3. Red group: below grade level students and learning support below grade level students
4. Orange group: English language learners (ELL) students

I would group my students by ability levels. My class is made up of different ability level population. I would group my students into 4 ability levels. Placing the same ability level students into groups is consider Homogeneous. Homogeneous consist of some type of element being all the same kind. The 4 groups of students each consist of the same ability level. The students would be in a group with other students with their same ability level. I would group students by their same ability level to be able to meet their needs. The 4

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