Moonmorot Research Paper

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“MoonMoonTheGoat” is the name of a player I have created in the game NBA 2K18. It is a basketball video game that allows you to experience the league like nothing else and start the journey of being an all star. There are Multiple ways to play the game such as MyCareer where you start as a rookie in the league and slowly upgrade your player to become an all-time great, MyTeam where you collect players to form an ultimate lineup, and GM where you can manage a team handling their finances and trades. But of these game modes the most popular one is MyCareer because you can customize everything to your liking. The player I have created is a force to be reckoned with standing at 6’5 he is a tall, lanky shooting guard who looks as if is a giant. In the beginning of the game you can choose what type of player he is such as a slasher, sharpshooter, post scorer,shot creator, etc. which…show more content…
There is a rigid scar on his cheek spanning from his eye to his ear giving him an intimidating look. His beard looks as if it was a monk's beard with each side braided down his face meeting at his chin combining into one larger braid. It looked scraggly and rough to the touch but gave a unique look which would not go unnoticed by other players. His arms dangled from his body looking like tree branches that could grab his knees but this gave him an advantage in contested shots. You can also purchase clothes and accessories with VC (aka. virtual currency) to make your player look like you. Mine has red athletic shorts with a stripe of a darker shade going down the side. He has a black t-shirt with red sleeves and says “too much sauce” on the chest but instead of “sauce” it shows a picture of a bottle spilling red liquids. “Sauce” is a slang term that represent greatness and was made popular by the rappers Future and Lil Uzi Vert. He also has red sock with a tie dye pattern and red under armour
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