Moral Quotes In The Necklace

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As Vikrant Parsai once said, ¨He who wants everything every time, will lose everything any time.¨ This quote relates to the short story, ¨The Necklace¨ by Guy de Maupassant because in the story, the main character, Mme. Loisel is focused on living a wealthier life, so she borrows a diamond necklace from a friend to look like she belongs at a fancy party. She also makes her husband buy her a new dress to wear. She dances wildly at the party, and ends up losing her ¨expensive¨ necklace. She takes loans to buy a diamond necklace to give back to her friend, and works the next ten years paying them off. She eventually tells her friend the truth, and the friend informs her that the necklace was not real diamonds, and was only paste, way cheaper. She would never of had to work so hard for the next ten years of her life, if she would have just went to the party as herself. The theme of the story, ¨The Necklace¨ is to not be greedy. Being greedy is not a good way to live your life because it will not get you anywhere. Material …show more content…

This is also what happens in ¨The Necklace¨ when Mme. Loisel thinks that having a fancy dress and a diamond necklace will make people appreciate her more at the fancy party. In the story, it talks about how she was naturally beautiful, born that way. So, if she was naturally beautiful, why would she need fancy clothes and jewelry to impress people? She thought that she needed them, so she went to the party looking like someone who she really wasn´t like in real life. She took the risk by spending the money on the dress and borrowing the expensive necklace, and in the end, the risk did not work out for her, and she lost the necklace. The loss of the necklace ended up practically ruining her life and she was unable to live the wealthy, extravagant lifestyle that she always had dreamed of. This is why material objects do not get you any specific advantages or benefits in

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